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Dr. Kayastha of K Plastic Surgery recently moved to the medical building on Route 7 in Latham, NY. I refer to it as 711. Not only is that it’s address but literally every single one of my Doctors resides in that building. It’s like a one-stop-medical-shop!

Capitalizing on his move into this gorgeous, state-of-the-art office, Dr. K began selling skin care products and hired an esthetician. Actually, I take that back. He didn’t just hire any esthetician, he hired an AMAZING skin care specialist. As someone who loves facials and is very critical of her skin care, I have to say that this was one of the best facials I received in a long time.Albany NY PR

Janet Prediletto is the licensed esthetician I am so excitedly speaking about. I feel like I have found a hidden treasure. I have to be honest. I was a little apprehensive about having a ‘spa’ treatment done at a medical office but everything from the robe, to the water falling, to the music, felt spa like.

After a short consultation with Janet, she took note of the condition of my skin. I got into the robe, under a warm sheet and she began her magic. The facial lasted just over an hour and unlike many facials I have had where the esthetician leaves the room multiple times to let masks settle, Janet stuck around and did hand, foot, neck and shoulder massage techniques that left me leaving the office feeling like I had a full body sports massage.

I have a lot of problems with under eye circles, (need I say more than, non-sleeping two year old?), so Janet did an amazing eye and lip peel that made me look like I got a full 8 hours of sleep!

She ended the hour by applying an SPF 30. I ended the hour without a single red mark and amazing looking skin. I will definitely be back. Speaking of SPF, if you check in to their office on Facebook, you get 15% off any suntan lotion. As a marketer, how can I not love that??

*service provided gratis


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I am so honored that I was asked to speak in front of the New York Wedding Boutique today at the beautiful Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia. The renovations that have been made are phenomenal and every time I go to a Mazzone property I am blown away by the atmosphere and the food. I figured that the 88 degree weather was a perfect opportunity to pull out the lime green color paired with a white shirt and some kick ass black heels. I wish I had some funky jewelry to match the outfit, but because the back of the shirt has a large black zipper down the back, it may have been over kill.


Albany NY FashionNew York WEdding Boutique PresentationSkirt: Express

Top: Zara

Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Hannoush Jewelers

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Thanks Julia Allison for this gem!

Lip Dub! Disney’s Little Mermaid from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

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Documentary : Sexy Girls Have It Easy from Bright Hand Pictures on Vimeo.

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Brianne and I went to The LLS’s Man and Woman of the Year Event where they raised almost 400k! HOLY MOLY. Keep in mind the candidates have only 8 weeks to raise the money. So impressive (and just down right amazing). Anyway, just wanted to share our kick ass outfits. I got called a walking disco ball. MISSION. ACCOMPLISHED. (and yes, it’s totally possible the girl was making fun of me but I’m still calling it a successful night.)

Albany DressesYou can find the dress here: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod109390005&ecid=NMCIGoogleBaseFeed&003=5840816&010=T2TH7&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=T2TH7

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So, Bristol Palin became a pregnant teen during her mom’s campaign. Somehow this made her quasi famous. She vowed to become a FABULOUS mother despite the odds being against her (not really when you come from money) and now she looks like she got a crap-load of plastic surgery? Apparently diapers, milk and childcare cost less than I thought. That, or mommy came through with some special moola. Whatever the case, here is the final product.

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I used to think that this could be answered simply. Who doesn’t think that most things can be answered simply at the age of 19, when all of your worries come down to what outfit you’re going to wear and what your drink (or boy) of choice will be that night?

As we get older, it gets more complicated. What once fulfilled us during our teenage years or even early 20s, is replaced by real feelings; Love, tragedy, pain, emptiness, loneliness, happiness, boredom, curiosity, anger…I could go on for hours. I’m not saying that you don’t feel any of these when you’re younger, the stakes just get higher as we age. We have less time and all of us can hear that clock ticking.

There are two types of people. The first is that who is content. Status quo is a great thing for this person. The middle of the road is comfortable. This person may think that they want more (we all do) but they aren’t willing to go out and get more. The reality is, going out to get the things that you DESIRE is difficult. People who are content don’t want to face difficult. The more difficult something is, the more danger it presents and the less chance that things will stay status quo. Scary steps outside of the norm. It removes a person from their comfort zone and pushes boundaries. Content people don’t push boundaries. The second type of person does though.

This second type of person will always want more. They aren’t OK with status quo. In fact, they HATE status quo. It’s boring, unappealing, and presents little to no opportunity. The person who wants more fights for more. They are ok with getting a little bloody. Their battle wounds show where they’ve been. Scars are their reminders of how they’ve gotten to where they are. Because, let’s face it. Anyone who has accomplished anything has a scar, scab, bump or bruise here or there.

The second type of person is passionate. They aren’t alive…they LIVE. They take advantage of the situation without being pushed. They realize that their time here is short and they utilize every tool they were given. When they run out of those tools, they create new ones. They always fight for more. Laziness isn’t an option, it’s a disease. They don’t realize that they won’t ever be the best, because they will die trying to be the best…that THEY can be. Sometimes it hurts to be this second type of person. But, the hurt is worth it.

What type of person are you? 

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